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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Short Sales at Fairfax Ridge

What is a short sale ?

Alot of people are in this situation, so just because you are dont get disappointed. A short sale is someone whose mortgage is more than the current value of the home.

What do I do ?

Well if you are not having any problems making your payments, then you sit back and wait a couple years.

If you can no longer make your payments, you need to contact us.

Why should I contact Reynolds Team Realty?

If you have been reading my blog you will have noticed that in the last 5+ months NO SHORT SALES HAVE SOLD at Fairfax Ridge.... except ours, which is selling this Friday!

We started the process in December and received a contract right away. 3 months later it is closing. This is quick ! and this is huge for Fairfax Ridge. We have one of the nations best short sale negotiators. They have done hundreds of these in the last couple years.

What are the long term penalties on my credit and buying a home again in the future, if I do a short sale ?

Contact us to personally to get this information. It is different for everyone, but with us as your short shale negotiators, your credit and the possibility of buying again, are going to be much brighter than if you list with some random realtor.